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Haug London Haus owners Siobhan and Philipp Haug

Haug London Haus on McWilmanns

Siobhan and Philipp Haug are not only husband and wife but also business partners. The hairdresser couple opened their own hair salon in Central London in December 2022. The two of them are hairdressing superstars, both winning big titles in the hairdressing industry – ‘London Hairdresser of the Year’ and ‘British Colour Technician of the Year’. In the interview, we talk about winning competitions, and they tell us about their personal concept for business success.

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People who go out on a Monday night tend to get more out of their life! Yes, you read this right, it`s science and time scientist Laura Vanderkam found out about it in her research.

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photobook of memories

Photobooks of Memories

“The more memories we have of any given unit of time the longer it seems”, says time scientist Laura Vanderkam. To get into the habit of creating memories it`s helpful to say “Yes” often.

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photography blogger a lady in london

Photography Blogger

Do you have a blog, or have you tried blogging? I love it. I like the idea of myself writing in a coffee shop like Hemingway so I do it as often as I can. To be fair it`s a bit tricky to start a blog and to find a beginning. But once you found some routine it`s great.

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Happy Easter Tulips

Happy Easter

“We celebrate today because the grave is no longer the end of any of our stories.”

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A Lady in London Julie Falconer writing

A Lady in London on McWilmanns

The first time I met Julie Falconer in person was at an evening class she held at the General Assembly in London about blogging. Julie is the founder of the successful blog A Lady in London. It was a truly memorable evening – I remember cycling home full of ideas, energy and motivation.

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interior photography london

Interior Photography London

It`s something very special and a true honour to be invited to somebody’s home to take photos of their personal space. Coming to people’s homes to photograph their interiors is like having a first-row ticket to a show full of beauty and unique personality.

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panner to help with focus

How to focus

How to focus when the To-Do-List is just flooded with tasks? There`s a surprisingly simple stategy – on The Business Story Magazine.

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