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Ann Patchett

“…He shook his head. ‘I was going to feel terrible and foolish and old for the rest of the day, and then I was going to call the department chair and tell him that given the circumstances I couldn’t possibly come to his party.’
‘Well’, Franny said, not quite understanding any of it. ‘I guess I ruined your plans.’ ‘Oh, you did, you did! You shot the entire day.’ …because Franny was the sun, the moon and every last glittering star.” Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

I find with books it’s a bit like with photographs: it’s all about the feeling. I loved reading this book – not so much for the story, but the atmosphere it creates in your head is magic and the book is like a film with beautiful pictures. It’s one of those that let you see colours and scenes and stay with you all day. A good amount of heartbreak but never too much to take.

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