Happy Easter Tulips

Happy Easter

“We celebrate today because the grave is no longer the end of any of our stories.”

Amy Stott, St.Luke`s E16 

Hopefully, you are having happy Easter holidays.

Easter means we are celebrating that Jesus has risen from the dead. Usually, the sermons on this day are full of big words that we probably wouldn`t use in everyday life and that somehow don`t really reach my head and heart. This year, I got to listen to a great Easter sermon by Amy Stott of St.Luke`s Church in East London. I love her sermons because she actually names things in a way that is down-to-earth enough for me to really relate to the message.

Here are some outtakes of Sunday:

“Death could not hold Jesus and therefore death can not hold us who put our trust in him. When Jesus rises from the dead it means that one day we will, too.”

“We celebrate today because the grave is no longer the end of any of our stories.”

“The gift of Easter is a gift that we need to open and receive. It requires us to lay down our need to try to get it right all the time. It requires us to stop to try to be better and instead believe that God loves us as we are. And then, when we accept his love, then we start to change how we live – because we want to live in a way that pleases him.”

“The good news of Easter is that we do not stay dead in him – we rise to new lives. Not just when we die but our lives now can know meaning, purpose, forgiveness, freedom, hope, joy, truth, love, and mercy.”

If you want to listen to the complete sermon, you can find it here: YouTube – St.Lukes Canning Town

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