Story when moving

°•☆• Here’s a mini-story for everyone – and especially for those who are moving house (or room), for those who feel that they don’t have enough space and too much stuff, or for those who want to have more:

There was a pilgrim staying overnight in some guy’s home. Looking around, he noticed that it was pretty much empty except for a table, chair, bed, and books. The pilgrim asked the guy: “Where are all your things?” The guy replied: “Where are all YOUR things?” The pilgrim was surprised by this question and said: “But I’m traveling and am only passing through.” The guy smiled: “But I also am only passing through.”

I’ve read this story on a postcard a while ago and I keep trying to remind myself: We’re all just passing through on this earth with our little lives. It’s not what we’re having that matters. In fact, the fewer things we have gathered the more freedom we have. Give stuff away and consider well when buying things – travel lightly. ♡°•

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