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One fine day

°•☆• Do you know that? We`ve got high hopes and good plans – and then there is a crisis and suddenly, we lose our balance.

My “One-word-theme” for this year is NEVERTHELESS and my challenge is to keep my feet firmly on the ground despite what`s going on around me. Because I don`t want to wait for “one fine day” when things are going well. But I want to have good moments NOW, regardless of circumstances. In times of trouble, I find that super difficult – how about you?

Especially when life is tough, I want to make sure that I take some time-outs for things that I`ll be happy about when I look back at the end of the year.

When life gets crazy, intentionally take time to document the present as it is.
There`s no point in telling ourselves to always stay calm and collected. In reality, there sure will be plenty of situations when we`ll feel stressed and overwhelmed. Instead, I want to go into the year with the mind of an explorer. Instead of restricting myself as in “Do not get stressed!”, I wanna make it more about observing, documenting, and exploring what could help me – and not about trying to force myself to relax. Observe – snap – breathe – pray – trust – nevertheless.♡

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