American Football Player in Floodlights


*•☆. Do you know that dream where you know you need to get around that corner or jump that fence into safety but you are just unable to move? I felt like that most of the week. Luckily enough I had a couple of jobs going – one of them was taking images of some players of the American Football Team Reutlingen Eagles. We met during their training session in the early evening. Loaded with flashes and light stands, I passed parents who were watching the training of their kids’ football teams. It was dark but there were plenty of floodlights. The Eagles were right at the very back of the sports grounds and with their helmets and attire they looked like “not in Reutlingen”. The atmosphere under these floodlights was surreal, like in an American movie. The bond and spirit of the team were so present. Eagles player Franz who s currently recovering from an elbow injury had walked over to the sports grounds. He can’t currently drive as his arm is in a splint but he lives nearby so he can come to watch the training. It might be summer until he can play again – hopefully not longer than May though, he says. Franz’s teammate Carl is joining us. He isn’t participating in the training today either, but watches and cheers from the sideline. We talk, take some pictures, and watch the other players in the floodlights. Now and then someone strolls over to chat. 
Ps. In case you wanna take a quick break from your everyday life (especially when having such a weird week like me) I can very much recommend u put warm mittens on and watch some American Football in floodlights.*•☆《《

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