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"Perfection is a fallacy. Embrace the things you cannot change and fight for those you can."

(- Danielle Bourdon)

*☆°▪>> It`s great to dream big and have adventurous goals but in order to get there, we must not get discouraged by the obstacles on the way. For an article about how to become more resilient, I interviewed two specialist resilience coaches, Monica Fiel and Ursula Walther. Resilience means not just overcoming difficulties but becoming better as a person by doing so. Turning a minus into a plus.
[…] Tip 2: Instead of spending our time thinking how annoyed we are, or – very unproductive – looking for people to blame, we`d rather distract our mind by asking ourselves: What can I actually DO? Here is an exercise that Monica Fiel suggests: Note everything about your problem, that you cannot change, and circle it. In another circle write everything down, that you can influence. What are the aspects,
that you can actually change or influence? What are you focussing on? Where are you investing
energy? Perhaps we can’t find THE solution straight away, but as long as you look out for possibilities and options, we should be on the right track. And we don`t obsess over the problem (Everything goes wrong) but the solution (What can I do, that things work out better?). Besides: It’s best to do that before your anger or worry has had a chance to build itself up sky-high.
>>> excerpt from “Resilience in 5 Steps” on

Pictured is Singer/Songwriter Lauranne Lukas who has big dreams and is right on her way to reach them °☆•

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