Songwriter and Singer Lauranne Lukas with guitar


°•☆> The other day, I photographed singer and songwriter Lauranne Lukas for her new music project in her super cozy garden hut. She is a professional musician singing about things like faith, personal development, and self-confidence.
I love seeing creative people working on their careers. It is so much easier said than done! As a professional artist, you need to make yourself vulnerable. Because as a professional you can`t hide in your room doing what you do, but you need to get out and sell it to people. You need to say to strangers: Look, I`ve made this! And they then might say: I don`t like it. Or worse: It`s not good. As professional artists, we have to get over this and keep on creating.
Of course, we need to become better and better and improve our work constantly. And critique from someone who means well and who knows what he is talking about is super valuable. Yet, at no point, we can expect EVERYBODY to like what we do. It`s important to focus on the actual work and not to get distracted by thoughts of what other people might say or think. “When we get really attached to how others will react to our work, we stop focusing on our work and begin to focus on controlling the outcome instead”, writes marketing expert Seth Godin @sethgodin in his book “The Practice” .
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Lauranne, I hope that you will push through any doubts and times of seemingly not moving forward 😃👊To never give up, and to keep focussing on the work is the number one rule for everyone who wants to be a professional creative.

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