Happy Easter! 🕊
Didn’t feel well yesterday and of course immediately panicked that I might have caught the virus and might b a danger to everyone around me.. the panic probably made it even worse… This whole situation is just crazy and while I usually would have made myself comfy and watched something nice on telly with my boyfriend and a cup of tea I slept with the bicycles instead just in case 🤦‍♀️ I wonder how other families cope… I always read or hear about people being bored or annoyed about not being able to go out much and I read about businesses struggling financially or people being annoyed about not getting their full wages and stuff… but I hardly ever read or hear about people actually being afraid of falling ill or spreading the virus to their loved ones.. To me that’s THE hardest struggle. Lucky enough I have some people praying for us so that’s good 🙂 🌼 🌸 Trying not to think too far ahead and take day by day – and today I’m just trying to be grateful that I actually feel more or less ok again..

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