night sky view from plane

On the way to London

°☆• Don’t travel alone but with Jesus ♡°•

Flew back to London and got to see pretty sky colours. Also, I finally got back to blogging again: wrote about intentional planning.

Here’s an excerpt: “… It’s better to pause and assess what’s going on than to keep rushing on without a clear intention. That’s what the new year is usually used for, but we don’t need a new year for that but we can do that anytime really.”

While I was in Germany I tried to get as much done as possible. I probably would have gotten more out of my time if I had taken a time-out for a plan. For any photoshoot you need to set up a plan and a shot list – the planning beforehand and setting intentions makes a big difference to the outcome.

Here are some questions I find helpful:

– What do I want to get out of this situation? What is my purpose?

– What actions can I take to help myself here?

– What are my true priorities (not the ones that others want for me), and how can I make enough time for them?

We can’t afford to wait for life to become easy-peasy in order to do what’s important to us.
We need to incorporate that in every day, now.

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