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•°☆• There`s a new article on the Business Story Magazine about networking (not only) for introverts. A good social network and connections are super important for business and success.

Personally, I`m not a natural at networking but instead, I`ve been practicing to become better and better. Like with most things in life it`s all a matter of practice. So don`t think, networking might not be for you just because you`re not a “talent”. Also, we sometimes forget that the most powerful connection we have is God who has a good plan for us and for whom nothing is impossible. 

So I`ve gathered some advice for myself – feel free to make it yours. It`s on

By the way: introverts are people who recharge their batteries by spending time alone as opposed to extroverts who become energized through social engagement.  

Considering that we`ve currently got the flu and cold season going (I`m just recovering from a cold now), here`s an interesting quote about an additional benefit of a good social network that goes beyond the business benefit: 

“University researchers (…) have demonstrated that people who report having strong social support have more robust immune systems and are less likely to succumb to infectious disease.”

(- from the book `The Secrets of people who never get sick’ by Gene Stone)


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