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Merry Christmas

°•☆• Merry Christmas to you! I wish you happy holidays – with a lot of laughter and feel-good moments, with nice surprises and with people around you that make you feel light-hearted.

I hope that you can take a break from everyday life and don`t worry about tomorrow but truly enjoy the lights, the smell of Christmas foods and cookies, the colourful decorations, Christmas music, and whatever gets you in the Christmas spirit.

Also, I hope that you can look after yourself and that you can be easy-going and positive.

Even if things don`t go to plan, or if you don`t have the fairy-tale Christmas you wished for: Jesus is born anyway. And this is true for any day of the year. His light can shine through us today (and every day) when we decide to be joyful and encouraging everywhere we go.

I love what Joyce Meyer writes about Christmas:

“Jesus truly loved people—He listened to them, had compassion for them, healed them, and brought joy and life to each situation. Simply put, people felt better after they spent time with Him!

In the same way, the Bible says that Christians are the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16). Because Jesus lives in us, we can shine the light of His love to everyone around us (…)

While Christmas is such a joyous time of year for many, it is also an incredibly stressful time for others. And we have the privilege to let the light of Jesus shine through us when they need it most.

As you go about your daily life—especially during this special season of celebration―I encourage you to set aside a portion of your time, energy, talents, and resources to share that light and serve others. It can be as simple as wearing a smile or brightening someone else’s day with a laugh.” 

I certainly can learn from this as my light-shining qualities are definitely in need of improvement at times. It`s not so much about whether we`re having the time of our lives on Christmas but it`s more about how we can be a happy-maker for other people. °•☆•

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Christmas Car in London with tree on top

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