The Depressed Baker London

°﹒✰ ‧ Here`s a photo story of a comedy show of  The Depressed Baker who raises money for mental health charities. In his spacious and colourful back garden, he hosts comedy shows with super talented comedians. This show was a tribute to Simon Harris who died by suicide and The Depressed Baker shared that he found himself in a similar situation wanting to kill himself – just in time the phone call of his wife stopped him… Would you know where to turn for help if you face mental health issues? In a time with everyone being super busy with looking after themselves, their own money, their own fun, their own family it can be a challenge… And with people wanting to be cheerful and have fun all the time I guess it can be hard to find those who don`t judge and who you can trust not to gossip… People say ‘Let`s look after each other ‘,  but do they really? Are they happy to not only share good stories but also listen and be ok and patient when someone is sad? Especially when someone is sharing mental health issues like depression, addiction, or suicide thoughts… I tend to become uncomfortable when I feel that I can`t ‘fix’ something or can`t do anything to help fixing… and then I have to remind myself that I can still pray ♡ Friends are so important and I do hope I am and also become better at being a good friend meaning that I won`t judge or cut someone short or immediately rush to try and fix things when it comes to sharing trouble… °﹒✰ ‧

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