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Accept and gain resilience

°○• As a creative, it is so important to be resilient. Resilience means turning a minus into a plus, turning difficulties into opportunities, and using seemingly unfavorable situations for learning and growing as a character and a professional.

When I met up with Karina for our photo session the light was glorious. As you can see in the picture it even painted some beautiful shadows on the wall in the background to add to the atmosphere. However, circumstances aren’t always as perfect. As professionals, we need to get good results regardless. Even when the weather or circumstances aren’t the way we hoped they would be.

And the best way to achieve exactly that is not to waste time on stuff that we would like to change but can’t. And this really goes for life in general.

You probably know that saying „God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, …“

The first step to resilience is acceptance. Being annoyed doesn`t help at all. It just takes our energy and kills our nerves. And most of all: If our head is occupied with being annoyed and worried, how can it focus on a solution?

However: especially when it’s about something in our personal life like our health this can be so hard right? But don’t worry if you can’t be positive straight away but react annoyed, scared, or frustrated at first. We are humans after all!! Resilience trainer Monica Fiel says, even super resilient people can`t always see the bright side straight away either. But “after the first shock, they say: ‘Well, it is what it is.’ And: “Could there be a chance for change?’

So it`s not so much about never ever being annoyed at all! But it`s more about limiting the time spent with annoying to the very minimum. And then accept the situation asap.

What helps me there a bit, is trusting God and thinking, that everything happens for a reason, even though I might not see it at the very moment.

Read more about this in my blog post „Resilience in 5 steps“ on


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