“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”

Eudora Welty

Photographing kids is such fun because you can get the most hilarious snapshots. Kids are so funny and after a photo session with kids involved, I feel like having laughed non-stop.

For family photos I have come up with a special concept, it`s called Story of a Day. I follow you and your family around for either a full day, a half day, or two hours and capture the best moments with my camera. You can also invite friends and your extended family if you want them to be part of your photo story. You can choose your home and the local park, or the playground around the corner as the setting of your photo story. Or you may want to go on a little trip. 

While I will pose and guide you for some photos there will also be some documentary-style images – and the snapshots in-between are often the most fun. 

Time capsules

With my work, I want to give you more than a bunch of pretty pictures. I hope that by looking at the images over and over again during the coming years, your love and awareness will grow – the love for yourself, the people that are closest to you, and the potential that is ahead of you.

In my photographs, I want to capture snapshots of your unique family life: time capsules that will stay with you forever.  I also want to nudge you with every glance you take at the photos, saying: open your eyes to what`s around you, it`s all there now already – don`t wait for “someday”, be curious, and soak it all in. 

After the photo session, I will print the best photos for you on paper and then you can choose which ones you want in a photo book or as artwork on your walls.

To read more about the Story of a Day concept click here: Story of a day

PS: While I`m based in London/UK and South Germany, I can travel to you – just drop me a message and we can arrange something! 

About the author:

I’m a freelance Editorial and Business Photographer based in East London (UK) and in Metzingen (Germany). If you are interested in working with me, I would be happy to hear from you. 

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