Ellie Smith

Ellie Smith

°﹒✰ ‧ •„I’m glad I did it and at the time I felt like I dont have much choice – like when youre just so on the edge of something that you have to just jump.“ – illustrator Ellie Smith @elliedraws about leaving her old job to pursue her art.
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When I first saw Ellies’ drawings on Instagram, it made me want to pick up a pen to draw something myself – her work is such an art appetizer! About two years ago, Ellie set up her side hustle business as an illustrator taking commissions on house portraits and other drawings. She also sells her prints online and on markets. Her style is quite exceptional – mostly fine liner, slightly wonky lines, and angles, mainly featuring objects, nature, houses, pubs, football stadiums, …. For this Blog-Interview, I met Ellie in @thebowbells pub in East London. She shows me her sketchbooks and I cannot believe they really are sketchbooks as they are so neat and beautiful and without a single crease or gone wrong drawing. She assures me though that this is how she sketches.

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