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From the film “Senior Year”

"I`m still afraid if I show my real self, people will make fun of me, but it`s the only way for the right people to see me."

(quote from the film `Senior Year`)

°﹒✰ ‧ – Here`s a quote from the film ‘Senior Year’ that we watched last night. It`s actually quite a smart film pointing out the change in culture since the time of Britney Spears; – )

What is true of our personal life – to keep it real to find our kinds of people – is also true for business and creative work: we shouldn`t attempt to please EVERYONE so that we can attract SOMEONE – namely those who value and identify with what our brand stands for. This is one of the core messages of marketing expert Seth Godin.

Authenticity is way more sustainable because it`s quite energy draining if we try to be everybody`s darling. Take Jesus: he didn`t waste a minute of his time and energy on people-pleasing  –> therefore always be yourself – as a person or when building your brand. Unless you can be a unicorn of course;-) °﹒✰ ‧

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