Hoffnungshäuser Editorial

Hoffnungshäuser Editorial

Editorial Photography of Hoffnungshäuser Schwäbisch Gmünd for Anders Leben Magazin , article written by Catharina Conrad, published by SCM.


This was such a special photo story. Catharina Conrad was there for the written story, and I photographed the visual story. The concept of the housing project is about a community of people with different cultural and social backgrounds. Some families had to flee their countries for example, or some people are socially not so well off, and some people don`t have these kinds of circumstances or troubles in their lives at all. This way it`s a truly mixed community where everyone can learn and practice mutual appreciation.

Editorial Assignment

Editorial photo stories like this one are so rewarding because with my photos I can help spread the word about important messages, outstanding ideas, and great causes. And being a Christian myself, having an assignment as an editorial photographer from a Christian Magazine is best. I remember that as a teenager I wrote a note in my bible saying something like “With my photographs, I want to help people see something of God”, or something along the lines. And later I crumpled the note because I was embarrassed as this wasn`t “cool” at all (and as a teenager you want to be very cool most of all… ) But it`s now such a precious memory to me and I think about it often. Especially when wondering how to move forward as a photographer. And lucky enough I don`t feel the need of having to be cool anymore so I can share this here (haha)

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