Marcel Bark in Reutlingen

1000 Stories

°☆•▪ Imagine your city 100 years ago – what stories might have taken place in the house across the road? Was the house even there then? I`m usually letting my mind wander elsewhere when it comes to history dates and stuff that is told in the common city tours… However, I would love to hear all the old and hidden stories of a city that are too random to show up in tour books. When meeting Marcel Bark for our photoshoot in the @9005_bar in Reutlingen, he told me some old stories of his hometown @stadt.reutlingen. He is a city guide and just started the blog about his city, too. Marcel didn`t just study books about the city but also had his mom and his gran and real people as teachers. I`m sure there are 1000 stories around the corners of my street that I don`t know of and that aren’t written in any guide book.•°☆▪

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