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Visual Language

•°☆ ▪ Had a very slow Sunday today (which is usually the case on my Sundays and which is why I like them).. and gonna have another blog interview tomorrow that I’m looking forward to. I`m learning so much with each conversation, plus I’m really grateful for the opportunity to connect with and get to know other creatives.

For example, I love what photographer @dani_la_reske
told me about how she started out: “I have looked at photographs that I liked and analyzed them: How are things done technically? What do I need to master as a photographer? How do I need to act in order to enable these scenes and moments to unfold in front of me?”

We don’t need to wait for our style or visual language to evolve, but we can deliberately choose and practice it with every shoot we have.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, had some time to be lazy, and start refreshed into the new week ♡♡ •°☆•

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