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Siobhan and Philipp Haug are not only husband and wife but also business partners. The hairdresser couple opened their own hair salon in Central London in December 2022. The two of them are hairdressing superstars, both winning big titles in the hairdressing industry – ‘London Hairdresser of the Year’ and ‘British Colour Technician of the Year’. In the interview, we talk about winning competitions, and they tell us about their personal concept for business success.

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*>> „One big issue is: To start something and not finish it. For example, a company introduces regular staff appraisal but doesn`t stick to it, because other things are more urgent. But you cannot do everything at the same time, and it makes sense to postpone things. That`s part of time management. You can decide …

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•°☆• There`s a new article on the Business Story Magazine about networking (not only) for introverts. A good social network and connections are super important for business and success. Personally, I`m not a natural at networking but instead, I`ve been practicing to become better and better. Like with most things in life it`s all a …

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°☆•BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Here it is: My new Business Story Magazine: You can find it on or on (both end up on the same page). Because I`m specializing in BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY I have a lot of business stories to share and also all sorts of business insights. I love listening to interesting business stories …

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°•☆•Maria Nikolai – How the writer from my hometown Metzingen in Germany became a Penguin bestselling author!! Read the new interview on my Business Story Magazine on Her trilogy „Schokoladenvilla“ (Chocolate Mansion) has reached six-digit sales figures and has been translated into different languages. Since publishing her first volume of “Schokoladenvilla” with the famous …

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The Columbia Rd Flower Market – 3 fundamental business insights

*•☆• ‘3 fundamental business insights – What we can learn from the Columbia Rd Flower Market’ is the title of my new magazine post. Every Sunday crowds are flocking to the @columbia_road_flower_market in East London. When I first lived in London almost 10 years ago as well as now. It’s popularity doesn’t fade. What can …

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°﹒✰ ‧ Portrait session with singer DTK (Dieter Thomas Kuhn) who has made it in the music industry – and keeps on being successful. By the way, I do like a good name abbreviation, and don`t you think DTK sounds almost as good as JR from Dallas! Sometimes I do wish for a different surname …

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•°☆•  I‘m always amazed by creatives finding unusual niches in the industry. Ellie @elliedraws who I interviewed for my blog the other week has specialized in custom house portraits as an illustrator. I mean what a fabulous idea!! A house portrait is just THE perfect unique personalized gift for people who are moving house, who …

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